The VIRGO Consortium forms part of theDutch Life Sciences and Health sector, one of the leading sectors in Dutch economy, and was appointed as a top priority by the Dutch government.When VIRGO started in 2003 it focused mainly on acute viral respiratory viruses. In its second phase VIRGO expanded its partnership and deepened its research, including acute respiratory, enteric infections and chronic infections like hepatitis and HIV.

The VIRGO consortium is a public private partnership of 7 academic institutions, 3 research organizations and 10 private sector companies that has received part of the sector wide 81 million Euro FES grant awarded to the Dutch Life Sciences and Health sector. In addition VIRGO is supported by NGI (Health Cluster) and the Dutch Ministry of Health (VWS). Together with NEUROBsik the VIRGO consortium forms the DRUGS cluster.

VIRGO focuses on providing the infrastructure for virus discovery and for progressing our knowledge of viruses and the mechanisms of mutual virus-host interactions which feeds into the subsequent development of novel interventions, diagnostics and prognostics at the levels of both individual patients and populations. We provide valuable leads for the development of novel antiviral drugs, vaccines and other therapeutics, treatment regimens and -guidance as well as prevention strategies.